Special Investigations (SIU)

“We don’t just build it, we fly it.”  An effective SIU Team must have combined experience to skillfully develop evidence and have ample trial experience to prepare and successfully present a case to a jury.  This is the premise on which our SIU Team is built.  The firm is specially equipped to “build and fly” SIU claims of any nature through our SIU Team compromised of: a former Assistant State Attorney, Certified Fraud Examiner and Emergency Medical Technician; a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney with vast bad-faith experience; and a Nurse Paralegal.  It is essential for those handling SIU investigations to have an intimate knowledge of permissible fact-finding techniques, unfair claims practices acts, and bad faith law.  Our SIU Team understands the delicate balance of an aggressive, thorough investigation with ensuring the protection of rights of claimants.
To stay in tune with local schemes and trends, our SIU Team actively participates in local events including Medical and Chiropractic Board disciplinary hearings and conferences such as FIFEC, IASIU, MCDN, CLM and ACFE.  We actively participate in the fight against fraud by serving as State-approved instructors for law enforcement, adjusters, investigators and attorneys.  We provide SIU instruction at local and national conferences, and through in-house training.  We are very familiar with challenges faced by SIU investigators and we utilize our experience to help navigate from initial claim submissions all the way through trial.

Our SIU Team’s approach is proven effective.  We have obtained multiple Judgments for insurers and dismissals of actions involving fraudulent claims.  In April of 2014, we concluded a two week Federal trial for Affirmative Litigation on behalf of an insurer against a medical doctor and seven auto-accident clinics.  A three year investigation of 249 PIP claims with over $3 Million in billing submitted to Allstate.  In August of 2014, Judgment was entered in favor of the insurer.  See Allstate v. Sara C. Vizcay, M.D. et al., U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Case No. 8:11-CV-804-EAK-EAJ